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Sarah Deere-Jones LRAM LGSM




'Lammas' Medieval Duo

Sarah Deere-Jones is a classically trained harpist from the Royal Academy of music who has always been fascinated by history, and happily her instrument is one of the most ancient instruments in existence, its north African origins going back to thousands of years BC. Her interest in history lead to her exploring the eras above musically, and when performing at Arts centres, concert venues and historic sites across the UK, she also includes stories, readings and anecdotes about the lives and times of the musicians themselves, all in her hand made, authentic costumes.

Sarah presents illustrated lectures on the harp using all three instruments, or specialises in concert performances in one period along with her husband Phil who also plays appropriate instruments. She also takes part in re-enacting and historical events and gives workshops for beginners at events bringing small harps along for the public to try.

Sarah has also recorded several CDs of harp music from the above periods, and has published sheet music for student harpists and other musicians. For anyone wanting to get started playing the harp, she also runs weekend courses from her home in Cornwall for complete beginners, and gives on-line harp lessons for those wanting to continue learning in their own homes.


Performing on her authentic Erat pedal harp and rarely heard Wheatstone Harp-Lute, Sarah plays lively dance tunes from an inherited manuscript of dance tunes from Almack's club, the most fashionable venue for the rich and famous in early 19th century London. She sings haunting sweet and sentimental songs from the period, some from Jane Austen's own collection, and has rediscovered the popular Regency instrument, the Harp-Lute which had almost become extinct, presenting it to modern ears for the first time in nearly 200 years.

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The harp has been in England since at least the 11th century, and some of its fascinating and neglected history in England has been documented by Sarah on her webpage here-

Sarah performs a variety of medieval music from the 13th-15th century either solo or in concert as part of the medieval music duo 'Lammas' - the duo includes readings, anecdotes, songs and dancing and a host of other instruments, producing a hugely popular medieval concert for festivals, arts organisations and historic events. Their last CD 'There is no Rose' was featured on Classic FM where it was described as 'Absolutely Joyous'

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The harp was alive and well in England by Tudor times, it was one of several instruments that ladies from wealthy families were encouraged to learn, and both King Henry VIII and his ill fated wife, Anne Boleyn played the harp. Along with some evocative songs from the period, Sarah performs a variety of stately Pavannes, Bass dances and other dance tunes, and lively saltarellos and brawles. For more details please click on the link below-

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